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An A.I.-driven e-commerce platform for your bespoke listing and shopping experience


Jurustore is our pilot online marketplace boasting a heavily optimized search-and-match system between sellers’ goods and consumers’ needs. Business owners who wish to list on JuruStore understand that modern-day consumers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and that consumers would prefer settling their mundane essential and non-essential needs with a few convenient clicks on their portable devices at home.  For many of our merchants, Jurustore provides not only an additional channel to reach more consumers but also provides an incredibly targeted and data-driven system as well.

Jurustore is equipped with powerful machine learning algorithms to deliver the most relevant content to its end users. The use of A.I. exponentially heightens content relevancy to consumers, which translates to better conversion rates. Our A.I.-driven website also provides the opportunity for merchants to cross-sell and/or up-sell products and services to potential consumers.



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